vitaloNUTRI®: Holistic nutrition

The safe system for a balanced food selection

Healthy nutrition is not a coincidence.

The black box of the organism

Not only planes, but also the organism has a "black box". With a plane the saved data is analyzed only after the crash. Any "energetic" properties, however, recorded in the somatic-visceral functional system (SVFS) of the body and not visible from the outside can be checked continuously via the skin. Therefore, PROGNOS® enables a detection of unbalances/obstructions of the energy flow in the SVFS and thus the "energetic" state of the body by measuring the "skin coat" and already enables the consideration of a balanced nutrition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

PROGNOS® is based on the experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as naturopathy and analyzes/evaluates the level of proper functioning of the meridian system and the single meridians – components of the SVFS. Millennia-old knowledge has been united with the latest scientific findings of Russian space travel technology and orthodox medicine to become a system that provides sustainable support for prevention and adds to a balanced nutrition. In the health belief of TCM, nutrition is said to be the basis for well-being. Nutrition is the basis to guarantee an even Qi flow, which is vital for maintaining health of body, spirit and mind.

A balanced food selection according to the five elements of TCM is important because each element is related to a specific organ system, which also provides for the relevant structures in the body and supports emotional interests.

Symptoms and diseases caused by malnutrition.

Gastrointestinal disorders
Gastro-pancreatic digestive insufficiency, constipation, diarrhea, inflammations and irritations of intestine, ambiguous abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn

Dermatological symptoms
Acne, eczemas, psoriasis, urticaria and itch, neurodermatitis

Neurological disorders
Headache, migraine, vertigo and nausea, depressive conditions

Breathing difficulties
Asthma, cold and cough, chronic sinusitis

Psychological disorders
Anxiety states, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue, hyperactivity (especially in children)

Further disorders
Fibromyalgia, joint pain and arthritides (arthritis), immunodeficiency

Balanced nutrition based on the 5 elements for sustainable health of body, spirit and mind by self-regulation of the body.

vitaloNUTRI® Balance 5 E

Program to check the energy balance for the reliable determination of a balanced food selection based on the 5-Element Theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by measuring the skin resistance at the starting and ending points of the main meridians.

The sustainable health of body, spirit and mind are closely connected to the balanced nutrition of the human being. VitaloNUTRI® Balance 5 E provides reliable aid for it and adds to an enhancement of well-being. Apart from relaxation and exercise, there is especially the right nutrition each individual is responsible for with the final goal of a long-term performance.

The graphical and reproducible evaluation also occurs in relation to the meridian and Yin-/Yang and the 5 elements. The individual recommendations for the food selection resulting from there are explained by the therapist and passed on to the client/patient by means of a written summary for further action.


The dietary measuring program vitaloNUTRI® TEST checks intolerances of more than 600 foods in an easy and yet safe way. The balanced food selection determined individually by means of vitaloNUTRI® Balance 5 E can also be tested for intolerances with it. Due to this knowledge, the therapist is able to create the future diet plan individually and consider all significant parameters to support sustainable health of the patient/client.

The foods to be tested are divided into 37 groups. Usually 10 to 20 different foods with a similar information pattern are saved in each group. The information pattern of these 37 groups in the form of frequencies is played back to the patient/ client one after the other through headphones and the physical response is measured via specific acupuncture points.

The individual tolerance of each group is represented in a clear graphic by means of a bar diagram: Green bars represent the tolerable food groups, grey bars the neutral ones and the red bars show the intolerable groups. The "red groups" which load the body the most are measured in detail afterwards to evaluate the intolerance in more detail.