vitaloHORSE®: Holistically active

The stress-free diagnosis system for the horse

With Meridian Diagnosis to a healthier horse.

The black box of the organism

Not only planes, but also the organism has a "black box". In a plane the saved data is analyzed only after the crash. Any "energetic" properties, however, recorded in the body and not visible from the outside can be checked continuously via the skin. This fact does not only apply to human beings but also to horses. Therefore, PROGNOS® enables a detection of unbalances/obstructions also in the body of horses and thus the condition of the internal organs at an early stage by measuring the "skin coat" and enables an appropriate therapy. Diseases can be prevented efficiently. Also health can be supported sustainably.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

PROGNOS® is based on the experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as naturopathy and analyzes/evaluates the level of proper functioning of the meridian system in human beings which corresponds to the meridian system of the horse. Millennia-old knowledge has been united with the latest scientific findings of Russian space travel technology and orthodox medicine to become a system that provides sustainable support for prevention and enables an early detection of diseases and weak points. An illustration of the "energetic state"/an evaluation of the meridian function of the horse is created, which is completely free of pain for the horse. Already 5000 years ago, Chinese physicians found out that the cause of every disease can be traced back to a disturbed "energy cycle"/of the impaired vital energy.

The basic energy supply

With the help of vitaloHORSE® based on the PROGNOS® measuring technology, a status of the basic "energy" supply and proper functioning of the meridian system of the horse is created. Possible weak points of the individual regulatory systems are pointed out clearly and reproducibly. Due to measurable dynamic changes of electromagnetic properties of the meridian system, diseases can be identified before cellular damage causes symptoms and laboratory analyses or x-rays show abnormalities.

Detecting and dissolving blocks is the basis of every successful therapy.

What can vitaloHORSE® Meridian Diagnostics be helpful for?

  • Optimizing vital substances (dietary minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc.)
  • Detecting causes for blocks and meridian unbalances reproducibly
  • Testing animal feed, detecting feed intolerances and adapting feed individually
  • Supervising therapies by means of ongoing measurements and supporting their success
  • Achieving sustainable prevention due to an energetic balance (self regulation)
  • Detecting causes for chronic diseases and supporting healing processes

Francisco Cancella De Abreu, a dressage trainer and FEI trainer (Fédération Equestre Internationale) known worldwide, is sure of vitaloHORSE®:

The application of vitaloHORSE®.

What and how do you measure?

The vitaloHORSE® Meridian Diagnostics based on the PROGNOS® measuring technology measures the skin resistance using a specific measuring pen - the overall process doesn’t cause any pain and thus also doesn’t cause any stress for the horse. The evaluation of the measurement is diagrammed and documented reproducibly in comprehensible graphics. This enables the recognition, objectivization and quantification of the "energetic state" in the body of the horse, i.e. the computer only acts as connected recording system. The basic idea about it is not to manipulate the body, not to force anything on it but only to ask it about diagnosis and therapy.

The fastest and most sensitive information system of the body are its meridians – the very delicate "energy channels" of the body. They run through the whole body like a "net" – also reaching deep inside – but measurable at the surface points with PROGNOS®. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the meridians show the "energic state" and thus the state of health of the animal.

Measurement with measuring pen
Measurement with measuring pen
test on feedstuff
test on feedstuff
Holistic diagnosis and therapy performed this way mean to enable the self-healing powers of the animal to be able to become fully effective again.

For each treatment, a meridian diagnosis measurement is taken first. The measurement occurs at the meridian points of the coronary band. Ideally, horse and therapist have a quiet place in the stable or hallway. The animal has to wear a snaffle bit during meridian diagnosis. A basic measurement is taken first. Afterwards a comparative measurement takes place. The evaluation is graphed and thus documented reproducibly.

By means of frequency spectra or fixation under the surcingle (single product testing), supporting products, feed or also homeopathic complex agents can be tested with the help of this special PROGNOS® measuring technology afterwards. This method provides valuable therapy recommendations for therapeutic treatment to detect blocks when used complementarily.

In contrast to a lot of other systems the acupuncture point is not stressed mechanically or electrically. The specific horse measuring pen is spring-mounted - this way the very little measuring pressure is always constant. Due to the measuring current which the horse cannot feel and the very little pressure of the measuring pen, it is guaranteed that no influence on the acupuncture point occurs during the measuring process and reproducible measuring results are gained.

The vitaloHORSE® Versions.

Basic Plus

Detection / analysis / control of energy / meridian blockades or energy deficits (e.g. by scars), chronic diseases, early detection of diseases, etc.
Basic measuring programs for the control of the 12 main meridians and sup-porting preparations / products, feedstuffs, homoeopathic complexing agents, etc. by fixing under the surcingle.
Measuring programs for the application of Bach flowers, meridian-related and 38 behavioural indications.
Measuring programs for the application of Schuessler salts, meridian-related and 26 condition-related indications.
Creation of an individual / external measuring program with own therapies possible - Additional service with regard to the digitisation of these preparations.
Certified basic version, combinable with all vitaloHORSE® modules.

The vitaloHORSE® Modules.

HDF-module (Horse-Diagnostic-Feed)

Measuring program for the reliable diagnosis of the causes of current functional disturbances of the horse meridian system, especially with chronic complaints.
Goal-oriented testing of nearly 90 feed supplements structured according to the meridians and causes.