vitaloDENT®: Healthy for sure

The certified diagnosis system with therapy recommendation for the holistic dentist

The teeth are a mirror of our health.

Holistic dental diagnosis and therapy mean to enable the body to regulate itself and consequently activate its self-healing powers again.

The black box of the organism

Not only planes, but also the organism has a "black box". With a plane the saved data is analyzed only after the crash. Any "energetic" properties recorded in the somatic-visceral functional system(SVFS) of the body and not visible from the outside can be checked continuously via the skin. Thus, PROGNOS® enables an early detection of unbalances/ loads in the SVFS and of the condition of the organs by measuring the "skin coat" and already enables proper treatment. This way, diseases can easily be prevented. Also health is to be supported in a sustained manner like this.

vitaloDENT® opens up new vistas

Our body has various regulatory systems, which affect all basic control functions in the overall organism. Our health and our well-being are influenced by the "energetic balance" of these systems. Only a balanced "energy distribution" within these different systems activates our immune system and the self-healing powers of the body can take their full effect. VitaloDENT® enables the reproducible detection and assessment of the level of proper functioning of the SVFS including the meridian system and the single meridians respectively.

The basic energy supply

With the help of vitaloDENT® based on the PROGNOS® measuring technology, a status of the basic "energy" supply and proper functioning of the SVFS / of the meridian system is created. Possible weak points of the individual regulatory systems are pointed out clearly and reprodicibly. Due to measurable dynamic changes of electromagnetic properties of the SVFS / of the meridian system, loads especially caused by "disturbance fields" of bacterially infected teeth can be identified before cellular damage causes symptoms and laboratory analyses show abnormalities.

So e.g. at least 30% of the bone has to be regressed/ resorbed already till abnormalities become visible on an x-ray. It is not hard to imagine now that the inflammatory resorption of this much bone also stresses the rest of the body. The earlier this load is eliminated by targeted "corrective actions"/"custom-made" therapies, the better for the organism. By means of detailed additional series of measurements with vitaloDENT® loaded dental regions are detected as causes of possible clinical pictures and chronic complaints. Otherwise, disturbances caused by infected teeth cannot be detected by dental medicine.

Possible loads of heavy metal can also be identified easily with vitaloDENT®. For a targeted detoxification of the body, the best drainage remedies for the individual patient are tested by means of frequency spectra played back to the patient through headphones. The same applies for the individual testing and determination of therapeutic agents as well as materials used for dental therapy (e.g. dental filling materials, denture materials, fixing elements, and lots more), which the own body tolerates the best. Only this way, the full therapy success can be guaranteed.


Time axis: basic energy supply

The application of vitaloDENT®.

Fig. shows the PROGNOS® diagnostic device and the measurement with measuring pen.

What and how do you measure?

The skin resistance is measured with a specific measuring pen on the ten measuring points of the meridians at each hand. The measuring current which is not perceivable by the human being and the very little pressure of the measuring pen guarantee that the acupuncture point is not interfered with in any way during the measuring process and reproducible measuring results are achieved. The measurement of the skin resistance shows how "energetically balanced" the measured regulatory system is. Each of these measuring points has an empirical relation to a specific odonton (entirety of teeth, periodontium and surrounding bone) and represents a complete regulatory system at the same time. For determining the "energetic" starting situation, three basic measurements are taken. The evaluation software calculates a mean value based on them, which is represented reproducibly as basic/ reference value.

The fourth measurement starts with testing eight nosodes at the meridian points of the hands and determining the respective skin resistance. Before the measurement, the frequency spectra are played back to the patient through headphones. The first nosode (Articulatio temporomandibularis) reveals possible problems with the mandibular joint or the statics. All the other nosodes are homeopathic testing agents, which record "disturbing fields" or problems in the dental area. In conclusion, an automatic evaluation of the measurement results of all systems with particulars of therapy recommendations (e.g. for causes, drainage remedies, materials etc.) occurs with vitaloDENT® for the first time. The complicated comparison of the graphics concerning energy level and balance on average and with reference to the individual systems is an automated process with vitaloDENT®, which simplifies finding a diagnosis and therapy a lot.

The vitaloDENT® Versions.

Basic Plus

A graphic and reproducible assessment of data measured by comparing of several million measuring series - detection / analysis / control of energy / meridian blockages or energy deficits.
Diagnosis Measurement program for determining the main problems in the ZMK area (e.g. jaw stilt etc.).
Creation of an individual / external measuring program with own therapies possible - Additional service with regard to the digitisation of these preparations.
Certified basic version, combinable with all vitaloDENT® modules.

The vitaloDENT® Modules.

IDT® Module (integral diagnosis and therapy)

Reliable diagnosis of causes for existing functional impairment of the meridian system, especially for chronic symptoms. Targeted evaluation (analysis and assessment) by testing 19 cause categories like micro organisms (e.g. fungi, viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.), toxic loads, geopathy / electrosmog, scar disturbances, dentition, psyche / emotions, nuclei, miasms, chakras, hormones / neuro transmitter, vitamins / minerals / amino acids / fatty acids, matrix / connective tissue, allergies, immune system, autonomic nervous system in digital form via headphones by means of measurements at hands. Therapy recommendations by selecting the appropriate agents / preparations by means of targeted testing of approx. 170 very effective therapy agents in digital form via headphones.

ZMF (teeth-module-frequencies)

Specific diagnosis of diseases in the ZMK area.
Measuring programs with over 120 frequencies for preventative and curative testing of pure material and implant components.
Measuring programs for testing the detoxifying agents.