PROGNOS® belongs to the methods of electro-puncture diagnostics (EPD), i.e. based on the collection of the electrophysiological properties of the skin in the area of the acupuncture points (AP), various aspects of the state of health are evaluated. Nowadays, modern measuring methods of PROGNOS® enable to apply the model of the organism which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) successfully in the doctor's practice as well as in research.

Exhaustive studies in the field of EPD already started in the 1950s when discovering the phenomenon of the reflexogenous zones with the abnormal electrodermal activity which AP also belongs to.

In the 70s, especially Russian scientists started to develop a diagnostic method based on EDP  . At first, the measuring technology without "side-effects" on AP was developed to be able to use them effectively during the space flight. In 1984, the first measuring device was already tested by scientists and physicians on a real space flight. These were the first studies of AP under space conditions since the beginning of the researches. The results of this flight confirmed the future potential of the application of EPD for the evaluation of the functional condition of the organism under extreme conditions.

In 1988/1989, the physician and cosmonaut W.W. Poljakow verfied further improvements of the measuring process throughout a period of 9 months in space by measuring currents at the acupuncture points and thus the evaluation of the functional condition of the organism in its entirety and its individual parts is substantiated once again. The registered values of the electrodermal activity had provided an objective representation of the dynamics of the cosmonauts' condition objectively. In 1994/1995, the hard and software of this system was used by W.W. Poljakow on the space station "MIR" on his second space flight, which took 437 days, 16 hours and 32 minutes to test health care on long space flight, potentially to the Mars. Down to the present day, the development of the measuring technology has been driven especially by scientists from Russia and has been supplemented by appropriate evaluation software, which is based on millions of series of measurements. 

Dr. Alexej Rosanov: Essential "motor" of basic and advancing research for hard and software. Under his direction, our fields of application for PROGNOS® are being extended and measuring technology is being simplified.  


  • Academic advisory council MEDPREVENT systems GmbH & Co. KG 
  • Director of the scientific-technical society "NTK - Integrative Systems" (main activities are scientific examinations for further development of EPD) 
  • Freelance professor at the Technical University Tver
  • Head of the scientific department of the "Russian professional medical association of specialists of traditional and folk medicine"