Our philosophy: Healthy by prevention

The name MEDPREVENT already expresses what we focus on in our daily work: Not just the detection of diseases at an early stage and the appropriate treatment, but the sustainable support of health and thus the prevention of diseases. With PROGNOS® – the meridian-based diagnosis system with therapy recommendations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine - and our products (vitaloMED®, vitaloDENT®, vitaloNUTRI®, vitaloCARDIO®, vitaloWELL®, vitaloSPORT®, vitaloHORSE®) we afford physicians, non-medical practitioners, therapists and patients a simple, holistic and modular system to analyse and restore health. By means of reproducible results there is the option to introduce preventive measures and customize necessary therapies to the patient's needs.

Our goal: A healthy society

Prevention is trendy also according to law. Our system makes use of thousands of years of experience from Far Eastern curative medicine (TCM) as well as from natural medicine and combines it with the latest scientific findings of Russian space travel technology as well as of orthodox medicine. The simple, non-invasive usage of the system, reproducibility of the results and the therapy recommendations resulting thereof make PROGNOS® and all our other products essential health providers in every day life of physicians, dentists, non-medical practitioners, therapists and nutritionists.

Health is more than the absence of a disease!