The new MEDPREVENT: What does that mean for you?

Since the mid -90s, MEDPREVENT has been representing innovative solutions in the fields of preventive medicine and diagnostics. Over the years, they have already provided numerous add-ons to the basic systems and a lot of new products.

With a new business name, new management and a new marketing concept with a new look, MEDPREVENT systems takes an important step into the future. The optimization of the PROGNOS®system and a multitude of innovations in the product, software and service sector – certified according to the Medicinal Devices Act and with certified QM systems – will continue to be our task for the future.

What is different? What remains the same?

  • new management board, familiar team, competent consultants  
  • senior advisory board including physicians, pharmacists, non-medical practitioners and technical scientists
  • range of products basically remains unchanged and will also be developed further in the future 
  • new development of systems to perform a holistic diagnosis and therapy for preventive medicine
  • certification as a medical product according to latest requirements
  • MEDPREVENT systems provides support and customer service
  • attractive financing models for users